The Perfect Tan

November 04, 2015

Have you tried our St. Tropez self tan products? We've been using these products for years and LOVE the results. It's easy to apply, no mess, no smell, doesn't stain clothes, never streaks, and has a natural tan color! It's perfect for keeping a subtle summer glow through the cold winter months.
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Here's how easy it is to use-
1. Exfoliate at least 24 hours before application
2. The secret weapon for flawless application is the tan applicator mitt ($6.50). And it also keeps the color from setting into your hands.
3. Apply the bronzing mouse or lotion all over your body using the applicator mitt in sweeping motions.
4. Leave on for ~6 hours prior to showering for the best results. We like to apply in the morning before we get dressed if we need a bronzed look for the day. You can also apply at night before bed and shower off the bronzer in the morning.
5. This video will also show you how to apply -> view video on YouTube
Happy tanning!

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